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Riyadh Secures World Expo 2030

RCRC wraps up Riyadh Expo 2030 bid campaign, holds impressive closing ceremony in Paris

In a historic achievement, Riyadh, the host city of the Saudi Projects Show, has been selected to host the World Expo 2030. This significant milestone not only adds another feather to Riyadh's cap but also brings a new dimension to the upcoming Saudi Projects Show, set to take place from June 2-5, 2024, at the Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Center.

Riyadh Expo 2030: A Shared Pathway to Prosperity:

Members of the Paris-based Bureau International des Expositions voted overwhelmingly in Riyadh, with 119 out of 165 votes during a closed-door meeting in Issy-les-Moulineaux. This resounding victory positions Riyadh as a global hub for major international events, highlighting the city's commitment to shaping a prosperous and sustainable future.

Global Recognition and Marketing Campaign:

Riyadh's successful bid was the result of a robust marketing campaign that showcased the city's potential. Notably, the "Riyadh 2030" exhibit near the Eiffel Tower and the official support from French President Emmanuel Macron underscored the city's growing international stature. The Expo win solidifies Riyadh's position as a global player in hosting major events, setting the stage for an exciting future.

A Testament to Vision 2030:

The Expo victory aligns seamlessly with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, a comprehensive plan to diversify the kingdom's economy and boost its international standing. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman views the Expo as a key opportunity to expand on the kingdom's development plans, further emphasizing the commitment to change the nation's oil-dominated economy.

Looking Ahead: Continued Development Plans:

Riyadh's success in securing the World Expo 2030 reinforces its position as an ideal destination for hosting major international events. The city plans to invest approximately $7.8 billion to build the Expo site, aligning with its commitment to continued development and growth.

Conclusion: A Hub for Innovation and Collaboration:

In conclusion, Riyadh's selection as the host city for the World Expo 2030 is a monumental achievement that reverberates beyond geographical boundaries.

As we eagerly anticipate the World Expo 2030 and the Saudi Projects Show, it's clear that Riyadh is not just a host city but a hub for innovation, collaboration, and a shared pathway to prosperity.

In the wake of Riyadh securing the World Expo 2030, the spotlight on the city becomes even brighter.

Riyadh Expo 2030


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